Hello to all visitors and subscribers. 

You will no doubt have noticed that this site is no longer being maintained or updated. Over time therefore the content has become less relevant. As a college lecturer I merely refer my students to this as a static resource and of course advise them that it cannot be relied upon without reference to other learning materials. Most of the current developments and issues in politics (relating to the options we cover at A2 which is route D global politics) as well as assignments are managed through google classroom, which of course needs to remain private to my institution and students. However the popularity of this blog has overwhelmed me and I feel duty bound to try to update this and keep it current so that it acts as an aid to your studies, whoever you are and wherever you are.

I am reconfiguring and relaunching the “blog” – which of course is not really a ‘blog’ – and this will take some time so please bear with me. The huge success of this blog (over 400,000 hits)  and the sheer volume of requests I get for assistance and additional information require comments disabled functionality only because I simply would not be able to cope with the demand. If regular users have found this blog useful please let me know what you think about the blog reboot.

Thank you for your time and interest. Of all the comments received, many thousands in fact, they have been overwhelmingly very positive and supportive. I am trying to reboot and maintain it without creating an avalanche of extra work. Thank you for your patience during this process and thank you all for your overwhelmingly positive comments which have been kindly received.

9 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. Dear Dennis

    I’d just like to truly thank you for the amazing material i’ve been able to use for my global politics A level course. It’s especially valuable to me and many others simply because there is no official A level global politics textbook, hence the popularity of your blog.

    Some of the content as you have said is outdated, so i’m very grateful and appreciative of the effort and quality of content you’ve put in and continue to do so. The reboot honestly excites me; I look forward to its finish without pressure on you given the time it may take. (I must admit my politics teacher isn’t doing me any favours and so it would mean a lot to me).

    Once again, thank you very much for creating this content.
    I wish you health and happiness.

    Kind regards
    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hi Yasir

    Thank you for you kind and supportive comments.They are very much appreciated. I have been very frustrated with the site for a long time now but have come to the conclusion that once the reboot is complete the day to day management and updating of the site would not be that time consuming. I have now updated Unit One Representation and Democracy and will work through the site to completely update the rest in due course.

    I note you are doing global politics which is the A2 option I teach. I have some fantastic resources for that so keep coming back…it should not be too long before that is updated as well.

    Kind regards, Dennis.

  3. I am sure that students will be delighted that you are finding the time to update your exceptionally useful Blog of Government and Politics resources. I shall certainly return regularly to your site for subsequent updates.

    1. Thanks Russell

      Unfortunately I have let it slide…but I’m confident that this time around I can create and curate something very useful and keep it contemporary and fresh. I’ve got some great resources that deserve a wider audience and if I make a grade difference to just one student out there somewhere then it’s a worthwhile endeavour.

      Good to hear from you by the way…how are the Earlham Sociology pages going? (I’ve now finally linked by the way!) Kind regards, Dennis.

      1. I wish you every success with the future development of your site and thanks also for the link to Earlham Sociology Pages which seems to remain fairly popular . I am working primarily on the Sociology section of the site which means that I am unable to cover several important topics in the Government and Politics specifications although I am trying to keep up to date on the topics which I do cover. Even this is not easy. of course. Best wishes.

  4. Hi Russell

    I have some Sociology revision notes if you would like to host them or I can host them here (and you could link to them) if you think that would be more convenient than figuring a way to get them over to you.

    Regards, Dennis.

  5. Hi,

    Just wanted to say that myself and my students find the blog extremely useful and if you ever need any contributions / help perhaps we could arrange something – the students could guest host or have an online chat?

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work.


    1. Hi Emma

      Thanks for your supportive feedback and suggestion. It would be useful to add some additional collaborative learning features. At the moment there may be a technical side to this I would need to explore in terms of wordpress integration but I’m all for looking into these ideas. It would be simple to create for example a student Q+A forum but that would require continuous monitoring so I’m probably going to try something simple as a trail run and see how that goes. More complex forms of interaction and integration are really the next step of development. Thanks for these very helpful ideas. I am now going through the more painstaking task of redeveloping and refreshing all of the A2 content.

      Kind regards, Dennis.

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