Unit 2 – Parliament: The House of Lords

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.17.02 AM.pngMeg Russell, of University College London’s Constitution Unit, is one of the (if not the) UK’s leading authorities on the House of Lords. In this excellent opinion piece from the Guardian she makes a strong claim for retaining a reformed HOL , rather than using its anomalies as the basis for making the claim that it should be abolished.

In Unit two of the exam in the Parliament past papers section in all but one case, candidates would have been required to demonstrate either implicit knowledge of the Lords and its functions or clear explicit knowledge of the Lords. Only once has a question required knowledge of the HOC alone. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you could successfully complete a Parliament question with reference solely to the House of Commons. You must have a good working knowledge of the House of Lords as well. 



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