2 thoughts on “House of Lords inflicts another defeat on Theresa May over Brexit”

  1. This is now the 24th time Theresa May’s government has lost a vote in the HOL…multiple ways to use this:

    1) Limits on executive power (Government V Parliament Unit 2)
    2) Limits on PM power ( PM Powers – Unit 2)
    3) Unelected Lords -V- elected Commons (Representation & Democracy Unit 1)
    4) Ultimate power of Government/Commons to reject HOL amendments. (Unit 2)

  2. Of course this does not mean that 24 separate bills have been blocked by the House of Lords. It merely means that the Lords has objected to 24 clauses in bills since Theresa May became PM. So they have now objected TWICE to the same ‘Brexit” bill – first over whether the rights of EU nationals already resident in the UK would be protected and secondly, now, over their view that parliament must have a say on the final “Brexit” deal.

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