Unit 4D – Recession proof – the global war industry




Let’s not be coy. At a time of a continuing EU/USA slump in growth, you  would think we’d be a bit more humble in how we approach global geo-politics. In the “developed” world most people’s living standards are being squeezed to the bone, the UK NHS is being deliberately starved of cash so the privateering pirateers can come in to “rescue it”, and Greek pensioners have been  forced for the last 7 years into a 40% reduction in income. We do indeed live in extraordinary times requiring (most of us would imagine) serious thinking. We are told to tighten our belts, to impose taxes on the entrepreneurs (now hastily withdrawn as hastily as they were imposed) and to expect that disability payments need to be drastically cut yet further, amongst a myriad of other “efficiencies and savings”.

The UK government is able to find an unparalleled £425,000,000,000 to pump into the private banking sector. Much good that has done SMEs (the backbone of this country) or households and consumers. Yet the subsidies you and I pay for through our taxes to the ‘private’ sector ( a liability they in turn do not have through the use of “arrangements”) are now a massive amount of money and ample evidence of government largesse, mostly in return for ‘favours’ after they have left parliament and government. The so called efficient private sector is the most shameless egregious example to date of welfare sponging. You pay the taxes on your very low wages. The millionaires cream off the vast majority of government expenditure to become multi-millionaires and the war industry is in boom time. We used to be a nation of shopkeepers to use Napoleon Bonaparte’s tired old phrase. Now we are a nation of warmongers whilst people lie dying in hospital corridors, our schools are being ransacked for savings, and our disabled are hounded to death through benefit sanctions. Just thought I’d share that. In the meantime here’s some reading to cheer you up about the UK and USA’s global export success story otherwise known as the war and death industry. Good economic news is good economic news, right?

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 8.43.43 PM.png


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