Unit 2 Parliament- read and weep…

The UK Government has now aggregated huge powers for itself in order to separate EU law from UK law. It means that in many instances government will reverse the traditional relationship between primary and secondary legislation. Previously it was necessary to rely on an Act of Parliament to “add” statutory instruments. The government would need to demonstrate that the original Act gave it the authority to supplement the act. They could be challenged in the courts if they had not met the necessary safeguards and standards of lawfulness and/or procedural propriety.

Now the government has acquired for itself the right to use secondary powers to change, delete and alter primary legislation without the express approval of parliament. It has said that these powers will be be temporary but even if that is the case it means that government has assumed extraordinary & wide ranging powers to change the law without parliamentary approval. If the Brexiteers thought they were restoring parliamentary sovereignty by leaving the EU they should read, weep, apologise and perhaps eat a little slice of humble pie. This is a travesty of parliamentary sovereignty, not its restoration.


Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.12.18 PM.png

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