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Hi all. As  you will know the old Pearson/Edexcel specification has now been replaced by the new Politics (2017) specification. Much of the material here will continue to be relevant. However there has been a substantial amount of content added by the exam board including voting behaviour, the history of the franchise, media influences on elections and so on. 

My dilemma revolves around the following fact: for the coming year many students will still be following the old spec either as A1 (one year students) or as A2 students perhaps retaking one or both of the legacy AS units.  To restructure the site now would be to deprive these students of the resources available to them here in the format under which they will be examined.

I am therefore considering a number of options. In my view the easiest and least time consuming way to proceed would be to simply add a new drop down menu called new spec and proceed to populate that with content specifically geared to the new spec, whilst retaining the current structure to allow those in transition to continue using the site normally.

So, in sum, there will be a lot of changes here, but only over the next 12-18 months. If anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know. 


Kind regards, Dennis.


2 thoughts on “Transition to Linear

  1. Agree this seems sensible with A2 and legacy retakes.

    Although I may not be teaching the new spec this year, (A2 at moment) to accommodate an AS exam in the summer term whilst preparing for the A level might mean teaching ideologies just before the new summer AS (as per one of the Edexcel recommendations). I have thought of trying to combine this with parties for the mainstream ones, fitting in the alternative one as well.

    We will see

    Angela Waller


  2. Hello Angela

    I think it is a very good idea to combine the teaching of the core ideologies with the teaching of the parties and I am pretty set on doing it this way. I guess there will be a certain amount of experimentation going across schools and colleges over the course of the next eighteen months or so. It’s very good to share ideas and resources over the new bedding in period.

    Kind regards

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