Operation Yellowhammer…yes it’s named after a small bird.

Just published by force of sovereign parliamentary procedure and thus a legal obligation, pushing against executive arrogance and secrecy, and the Government’s own will to evade our SOVEREIGN parliament’s right to scrutinise, Operation Yellowhammer – the government’s own assessment of what will happen under a no deal (or what should be called a no idea Brexit) has been published.

Read and weep but notice the REDACTION of Paragraph 15 – the government is permitted to do this. They are hiding stuff that in a democracy we ought to know, but they don’t want us to know.

Also note that Yellowhammer runs into several hundred pages. This is just a one and a half page summary. The government is lying to you. It is hiding the worst case consequences of a so called clean break (for that read no truth, no integrity and no idea) Brexit. The truth will out. It has to publish IN FULL otherwise we are done as a democracy.


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