So you want to be President of the United States?

What do you have to do first?

Get funding

Get recognition

What do you have to do next?

Become your party’s nominee by winning the primaries

US Primaries and Caucuses; Q&A

What is the significance of Iowa and New Hampton?

How was it looking by March 2008?

What were the results?

Be nominated at the National Convention and select a running mate.

How do you get people to vote for you?

Presidential Debates


How does the US elect its President?

Each state has a number of electors or electoral college votes (ECV) California has the most (54), Montana, Vermont and Alaska have the least (3).  The electorate vote in their states for who they want to be President.

The Presidential candidate who gains the most votes gains all the electoral vote for that state. The electors meet in their state capitals and vote for President. The candidate with the most ECV votes wins.

A guide to US Elections

What happened in 2000?  What was significant about it?

Who else do Americans vote for?

The House of Representatives

The Senate

The State Governor

The State Legislature

On initiatives and referendums (in some states)


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