Unit 1: People & Politics

This Unit Covers 

  1. Representation and Democracy
  2. U.K. Electoral Systems
  3. Political Parties
  4. Pressure groups

You are guaranteed a three part question on each of these topics. The questions have differential marks attached to them and are testing different skills

Part a) questions are worth five marks and test AO1 – knowledge and understanding of concepts, processes, institutions, functions, features and so on. For example a typical functions question might ask you to identify two functions of political parties. A typical concepts question might ask you define political legitimacy. Note that for each of the topics I have posted a comprehensive list with definitions and explanations of all the likely concepts etc that could be examined. 

Part b) Questions are worth ten marks and these are marked to test both AO1 (knowledge and understanding) and A02 (Interpretation, application and evaluation or more broadly intellectual skills where you can state the reasons for something, the consequences of it, the distinction between things, similarities, reasons etc). B questions often require you to explain rather than simply identify. This is where the AO2 marks come in. Ao1 is worth 7 marks and Ao2 is worth 3 marks

Part c) questions are effectively essay questions which expect you to look at both sides of a debate. They assess all three AOs and are marked out of 25, thus: Ao1 (8 marks), Ao2 (9 marks) and AO3 (8 marks). Ao3 is political communication and coherence. How well structured organised and coherent is your argument? Is there balance with a firm justified conclusion on one side of the argument? Have you used political terminology with sophistication and precision. These are all being tested an amount to a third of your essay marks. 

If anyone seeks further clarification on what AO1, AO2 and AO3 look like drop a comment and I will try to write some thing where I can clearly highlight each of the different assessment objectives as an example for you to work from. 







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